axle guru's, I need help finding u-joint

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    axle guru\'s, I need help finding u-joint

    I have what I thought was a 70 to 77 dana 44 3/4 ton 4x4 axle. Well at least thats what the spindles/brakes/bearings/hubs are. But when I went to replace the stearing U-joints in the axle, they didn't fit. I just figured they gave me the wrong part, but thats what the book calls for. We went threw the whole book trying to find one that would fit, but either the cap diameter or the inside spread were always off. So I hope one of you might know what kind of hybrid axle I have, or better yet where to find the u-joints.

    cap dia. is 1 3/16th
    spread is 2 1/8th
    I know there not #0297 or 0260 Please help, I want to go play in the mud!! /forums/images/icons/smile.gif

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