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    I'm mulling over upgrading my rear axle on my '85 Jimmy. I've checked previous posts, but maybe there's an option that I've overlooked and someone can point me in the right direction. I have the stock 10-bolt with 33's, 4.10 and ARB. Haven't broken anything - I'm planning a preemptive strike before I go on harder trails. So, if I get this right, most people go 14-bolt, but as far as I know, there's no ARB available for it. I've gotten so used to the ARB, I definitively want to stick with it. A 12-bolt, although a bit stronger, may not be worth the funds? A full-floater kit w/ disk brakes for the 10-bolt gets me in the neighborhood of a D60 from Boyce. Speaking of D60 rears, is there a good source for it (probably not Dynatrac, I'm not running a magazine!)? Oher than u-joint/yoke size, does it matter whether the D60 is from GM or Dodge? Are there other options - is there an ARB for the 9.5 14sf? Thanks for the advice,


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