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    I am in the process of put a D-60/14bolt(van) in my M1009 Blazer and decided to use the 56" rear springs since I had to cut the rear spring hangers off anyways for the shackle flip. I reversed the flip brackets and fiquired in the off set so the shackles end up right, which put the brackets back only two inches from the orginal frame holes.
    The 56" springs have a 4" off-set on the spring bolt and the flip tends to move your axle forward an inch or so. Turn the spring around so that the long end is forward which will move your axle back 4", subtract the inch that the flip moved it fwd and reverse one of those relocating blocks that some of you guys are using and you should end up with an axle thats been moved back 2" without buying expensive custom springs.
    I am not going to do this on this rig because I will already be pushing it with around 3-3 1/2" of lift and 37" tires and lots of cutting but maybe you guys with taller lifts might consider it?

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