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    hey guys,need help i'm new to all this including the blazer so far i love it but one of my rear axle shaft broke in half, i can't find one in a junk yard as nobody has blazer in them only the s10's i found a couple on the net but then i have to figure out how to put it, it seems i have to take the whole differential apart, and how can i find out if its a limited slip or whatever to order it. Man this really sucks thanks for any help and glad to have found this site.
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    Feb 24, 2000
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    I can't believe no junkyards have an axle shaft....around here there are tons of them.
    The Blazer will have what is called a Corporate 10-bolt axle, and the '86 (if stock) should have the 28 spline axleshafts. The axleshafts were the same whether it was an open diff or a limited slip, or what gear ratio it is. The exact same axle was also found in 1/2 ton Suburbans and pickups starting in the early '80's up to '88 or so (when they switched over to 30 spline axles, which will not work in your application). You can also order a new axle shaft from most of the drivetrain shops you see advertised in the magazines for around $100.

    Removing the axle shaft should be fairly easy. The outer broken half, as I'm sure you already know, will come out with the tire, wheel, and brake drum still attached. To remove the inner piece you need to remove the diff cover, take out the cross shaft in the center of the diff (typically held in with an allen head bolt). This will then let the broken piece be pushed in (you might need a pipe or something to slide in the axle tube to do this). This will then release the c-clip on the end of the shaft and the clip can be pulled out....then the piece of shaft can be slid out the axle tube (again, you will need something to reach through the tube and pull out the piece).

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