Axle trussing...good or bad??

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    Ok so here is the situation.....I'm upgrading to 3/4 ton axles on my 77 blazer and I've bought a complete blazer (except for motor and shocks) that has 3/4 ton axles that I plan on swapping onto mine, in exchange for my 12b and D44. I got a sweet deal on the new blazer ($1600!!!) as it still has the tranny (t400), transfer case (np241), very straight body, all interior elements, and overall is in excellent the for sale board as I will be parting out everything and anything as there is very little I want/need other than the axles and tranny. Speaking of the axles, they have been completely rebuilt, 4.56's front and rear, straightened and trussed, and a limited slip in the rear.

    Which leads me to the heart of my question.......should I get rid of the trussing?? I've got a 14bff in the rear and a 10 bolt up front. They've got the trussing (2 piecese of probably 1/4'' plate along the length of the axle) welded onto the bottom of the axle tubes. The workmanship looks of very high quality and actually looks pretty good. But my problem is it REALLY cuts down on my ground clearance!! I wheel VERY hard off road, and mostly see lots of rocks, mud, and some snow. And at this point I'm still not sure of what the benefits of the trussing are. Not to mention that I've been told to not torch the trussing off as the heat could possibly warp the axle tube or cause problems with the actual axles inside the tube.

    HELP!! Please advise.....any good advice offered will be greatly appreciated...not to mention I'll remember who gave the advice to me when I start to part out the blazer!!!

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    IMHO i would keep them on they add strength you might lose some groung clearance but if your tire slips off a rock and it falles on the axl tube it will protect it just my .02[​IMG]

    wheeling pics
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    If you don't want the trussing torch it off. Keep the cut line about 1/4" away from the axle tube and grind the rest. There is no way the torch will put more heat into the axle tube than welding it up originally did.


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