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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Leadfoot, Jan 7, 2002.

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    Stephen (or anyone),
    I don't know if this should go on the main board or here, but I was hoping you or someone you know has rotated front axle tubes. Also is there a difference in how the 10 bolts, D44's, and D60 are put into the pumpkins? I think the 10's and 44's are easier due to the fact that the spring plates don't bolt to the housing, but I could be wrong. I was going to cut the spring plate from the drivers side and modify the one on the passenger's side to rotate the pinion up, but then my alignment would be off (or I would also have to knock off the knuckles and rotate them the back to stock steering specs). So then I thought I could undo the welds on the tubes, unpress (which I don't know how hard it is), then rotate the tubes the proper amount, repress and find a solution for the passenger's side mount (because of the studs being at a different angle). Have you done this (and if so how). Thanks in advance.

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    I would leave the tubes in the housing and work on the knuckles only. It took about 20 tons to press our front together, so you don't just cut them loose and twist them! One knuckle was frozen on and took about 40-50 tons to pop it off the tube, so they can be a pain but are less specialized than dealing with the casting. I'd line the perches up to put the pinion where you want it, then twist the knuckles to get the castor angle.

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