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    Guys I posting just to save some folks a big hassle and<font color=green> $$$$$$$</font color=green>, last year I blew a hub and axle 'cause I was to lazy to grease my wheel bearings after playing in the deep water and mud, today Big B4x4 did exactly the same for the same reason, after seeing this happen twice in the same area and on the same axle...I'm now a very firm believer in greasing the cr#p out of the bearings frequently. With a good quality Marine grade grease. If I can save anybody the hassle of this problem the post is worth it. Other than that lit'l problem we had a great time getting mud up to the roof lines today, and tryed our best to roll both rigs on some hills, but here to say that all four are still down.

    May the dirt rise to meet you and the wind be at your back always.

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