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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by rencher2, Apr 28, 2007.

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    :bow: Congrat's to Bobby Labonte on the Busch Win at Talledega. The finish was Awsome!
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    Bobby is good people
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    It'd been even better if you told the story on how he won.

    Of course, you would have to start with the obligatory Kyle Busch met the wall so hard, the left front tire flew off. Then you would have to tell the folks that you mean the tire as the wheel stayed attached to the car. After that, you would have to throw in the fact that millions around the world laughed at him while he whined (albeit not as bad as some of us would think) about the crash.

    Then onto the end of the race. Really, those that didn't watch the race would probably like to know that on a restart, with just a couple of laps left, Bobby and Tony Stewart hooked up in the draft and went flying past the leader, Casey Mears. This is where you have to throw in the fact that Bobby and Tony are teammates in the Busch Series, driving for Keven Harvick, Incorporated.

    I'm sure the folks watching at home were amazed at the fact that as Bobby pushed Tony around the track those last two laps, the engine in Labonte's car started spewing water out of the overflow. Then as they came out of Turn 4, Bobby gets out of line and the people were like, "yeah right.":D

    But Bobby, being the veteran he is, had the thought hit him that anyone who has studied the draft or played NASCAR Racing 2003 for hours on end would know, pulling next to your competition, side by side and door panel to door panel almost, gives the car a little bit of a push from behind. With this maneuver, then swerving away from Tony as they approached the start/finish allowed Bobby to cross the line with about a half a car lead on Tony.

    The fans rejoiced. Tony, knowing his teammate pulled an ace from his sleeve, couldn't help but laugh. In victory lane, the car owner arrived and looked like he was about to do one of his trademark pranks on the winner, right on national TV, but refrained.

    So the millions around the world, ready for a hot and heavy Cup race today, anxiously await Kyle Busch's stupidity to return as what was not mentioned earlier was his wreck was caused by Tony Stewart and Kyle Busch being the ignorant dumbass he is, will probably try something today.

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