Bad weekend.........from start to finish

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by mudrunner78, May 26, 2002.

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    well I call the weekend a washout, first I get the boat a 1998 Mastercraft 454ss. Well firts I loose one of my hubs on the interstate headin to the lake. Then A damn jet ski decides to jump my wake back and forth then decides to race the boat, so I thought he was trying to get around my front and slams into me, messed the boat brand new paint job up. So now I am totally pissed decide to go up the lake to my uncles house and dock and go fishing. Now I am out on my uncles triton cruising with him down the lake to our favorite honey hole. Get there a no wake zone and its loaded with some Baja's and jet skis all tubing and hauling butt around. So we go to plan be another cove same thing there, we decide to head back, ucles pissed so he's giving the TR-21 all she has, I'm nervous as hell with all the traffic and jet ski's jumping the wake, and yet again another jet ski comes by, jumping the wake my uncle slows way down and they dump the jet ski infront of us were thinking we are going to kill them. That was all on friday, Saturday was ok we decided to just ride the fourwheelers so I'll give that day a thumbs up besides about brakeing my neck and rolling down a steep gravel hill, but I do that everytime it seems. Then today get the boat out and start pulling the wife, she loves to water ski so were in a large cove (that wake is permitted and no fisherman) and were making a few passes boats running great, good day till the jet ski mafia comes and starts rolling thru there all crazy. I stop ask the wife if shes done she wants one more pass, I agree and we go for it, well a damn 16 year old girl almost creams the wife. Im totally pissed so I load up the baot and return home. Is it just me or was this a fawked up weekend. The only thing I am thankful for was the time with the family and that nobody got killed. Jesse
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    Seems like in every hobby, pursuit or past-time there has to be the idiot element. Common sense must have been selectively bred out of a lot of younger people. When I go wheelin there are always the guys that leave their trash everywhere...or get boozed up while muddin and either hurt themselves or someone else.
    Recently a guy I know ended up putting his truck into a ravine...he came around a corner doing maybe 15 mph and coming the other way at over 60 mph was a quad...blind corner in a popular area. As scary as it is he vows not to move the truck an inch for the next moron coming straight at him.../forums/images/icons/shocked.gif


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