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    I've been having brake problems lataly. It had the symptoms of a bad master cylinder, and since it was under warranty I went ahead and replaced it. After I installed it, and bled the system I have a real low pedal. Sometimes, while I'm bleeding the rear, the pedal firms up until I get to the front brakes, then after I crack the bleeder screw the first time the pedal goes down. I was reading some posts from awhile back and saw something about a button on the side of the proportioning valve. What is it for ? I can't say I've ever heard of having to push it while bleeding the brakes. Oh yeah, by the way I'm new to this site, so glad to be here.
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    Good to have you on-board Russell. Some recent brake questions were answered here. Look under the posts "Damn brakes are going to kill me" and "Brake Seup Questions??"
    Real quick, the proportioning valve limits fluid flow to the front until the rear have contacted the drums. Pushing the button lets the flow...go. You need a friend to hold the button and another to bleed the brakes at the bleeder screws. I found it easiest to just take it to Midas and let them worry about it. Took them over an hour to get it done even with their expertise of doing that stuff every day. Actually I went through them for the master cylinder as well because my last one didn't last and I wanted the lifetime warranty. After 2yrs haven't had a problem.
    BTW, I used to do some land surveying, mostly construction staking for new highway alignments.

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