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    ok, I have lots of really basic questions

    1. I finally got to really looking at my new 83 blazer, and noticed it has a 12 bolt rear end. It originally was a diesel. Was a 12 bolt something that came on the diesels, or was this swapped in? This is a good thing right, stronger than the 10 bolt? will this matter on lifts?

    2. I have dual shocks in the front, same question, is this stock, or not? do I have to run 2, or if i get a lift that only has 1, can I go back to that.

    3. finally I have great concerns about my front drive shaft. You can see about 2 inches of splines on it before it goes into the front diff, and it even seems to be sagging a little. Is this as bad as I think it is? If so , what do you do about it?

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    #1 Yes, 12 bolt is stronger than a 10 bolt. Adn no it wont matter when it comes to lift kits. As for coming on diesels, I cant help ya.
    #2 Dual front shocks was an option. And no it wont matter when you get a lift kit and the kit only comes with singles. You just use the single shock on the mount that would have the shock leaning towards the back at an angle.
    #3 As for seeing 2" of splines right where the shaft goes into the diff doesn't sound good. But without a picture its hard for me to be sure what your are talking about.

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