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    I just got a light bar for my 85 k-5, its got 5 lights with 600 watts on it, i got all the wiring, and a relay, but i dont know how the heck to wire em up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    wire from the + on the batt. to the relay, from the relay to a ground, from the relay to the switch, from the relay to the lights, connect all the lights together, and from a power source to the switch. basic, but that's how it works, if it's not much help sorry, the relays are different from brand to brand i think.
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    Okay, this is going to be a little long, but it should answer all of your questions. The numbers that I will refer to in quotes are located on the bottom of your relay(s)...

    First off, you are going to need more switches and relays unless you want to only be able to turn all five lights on/off at once. My guess is that you'd like to pair them up or something. If that's the case, one switch and relay and relay for each pair is good, plus I guess an extra for the middle light? Anyway, you get the idea....

    What you need to do to start wiring is to tap into any 12V+ source you want and wire it to the switch. This can be a very light duty connection because powering the switch uses like almost no current. Next, take another lead (again, can be small gauge wire) from the switch and wire it to the "85" terminal on your relay. Then run a wire from the "86" terminal on the relay to any ground point. That takes care of all of the switching.

    To wire the lights to a power source, use at least 14, if not 12 gauge wire from the battery with an inline fuse connected to the "30" terminal on the relay. Then, hook up the positive wires coming out the back of lights to "87" terminal on the relay. That's it! The only thing left to do is to ground the negative lead coming out the back of the lights themselves, assuming they are not self-grounding.

    Others might give you different advice, but using this technique will get you maximum current and your switch will last a long time too. Hope this helps...
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    Get your power from the battery for this. It's much more than you want to pull through the fuse box.
    FUSE it within 6 inches of the power source.

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