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    Black: Being a hypocritial environmentalist is no sin

    By Baxter Black
    On The Edge Of Common Sense

    A quote from an interview with Robert Redford, actor: "From the moment Bush stepped into office, he's been leading a...disciplined campaign to destroy, dismantle, unravel, undo 30 years of environmental regulations development." That have caused unheard of poverty in the rural West, gutted and starved out western communities, increased our dependence on foreign oil, minerals and timber and made a mockery of well-intended laws like the horse and burro act, the endangered species act and multiple use of public lands.

    (Note: Mr. Redford did not say the boldface last half of the quote, I finished his sentence for him.)

    In the interview Mr. Redford continued to denigrate and ridicule Bush and Cheney and raised the spectre of ozone holes, wetlands being drained and "junked" by developers, the Colorado River drying up, industrialists and the entertainment industry's irresponsibility.

    I like Robert Redford, the actor. He makes good movies. As a businessman, Robert Redford the developer helped build a ski resort in Utah and its accompanying beehive community that, to his good fortune, has become a ritzy jet-set destination.

    But his presence in the area lends a politically correct, urban credibility to what was for 100 years part of a rural mining and ranching community. So he and his business associates have felt free to pave, electrify, plumb, dig and decorate a once-beautiful mountain valley and advertise it as a civilized resort in the wilderness. In his mind it would seem that clear cutting a ski slope for recreational purposes or leveling a meadow for a mini mart is acceptable, as long as Boise Cascade isn't making a profit.

    But, it is not my intention to take cheap shots at Robert Redford. He is of the generation that wants to rebuild the west in their own vision. Maybe one that has three "real cities" (cities with a pro sports team like Denver, Salt Lake City and Phoenix), where "sophisticated" people can feel at home surrounded by a vast recreational wonderland where cowboys and Indians sell curios to the urban curious.

    Ranchers welcome developers like hair growing in their ears or a skunk under the porch. Most of Mr. Redford's rural neighbors probably feel that President Bush is only trying to swing the balance back. To stop the "theme parking" of the west, to allow legitimate multiple use of public and private lands.

    Mr. Redford said of himself, because he drove an S.U.V., that he was an "extremely hypocritical" environmentalist. Which is no sin, Robert. Anybody who's had their family farm turned into a shopping mall or their livelihood guillotined because of a snail or a swamp can tell you.

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