Bay Area Job Fair!

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    A number of staff and Job Seekers have been asking who will attend this year's Job Fair. My partial but nearly completed list of participants for the Job Fair on Tuesday, April 23rd from 11am to 3pm include:

    1. In N Out Burger
    2. San Francisco Police Dept.
    3. Allied Security
    4. St. Rose Hospital
    5. Social Security Administration
    6. Emeryville Police Dept.
    7. AFLAC insurance
    8. City of Fremont
    9. Macys
    10. UPS
    11. Nightingale Nursing
    12. Pacific Monarch Resorts
    13. Oakland Police Dept.
    14. Mary Kay Cosmetics
    15. Oakland Zoo
    16. State Compensation Insurance Fund
    17. Gillig Corp.
    18. Primerica Financial Services
    19. Fedex
    20. Alta Bates Summitt Medical Center
    21. Hayward Area Recreation & Parks Dist.
    22. Accord for Youth Americorps
    23. Kincaid's
    24. Seneca
    25. Boston Reed
    26. Shoreline Amphiteathre
    27. Childcare Careers
    28. San Ramon Valley Fire Protection Dist.
    29. Port of Oakland
    30. San Ramon Marriott

    Please spread the word. A number of these employers have summer jobs and full time careers to offer.

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