BBC (454) Build-up suggestions?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by HDFXB, Oct 12, 2002.

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    I've decided to build a 454 for my 92 4X4. I basically have two options, just can't decide which way to go.

    OPTION 1: I can buy a 454 fresh from the machine shop that has 10.2 to 1 pistons, and all the rings, bearings, gaskets, etc ready to assemble. Still needs manual flywheel and should be re-balanced. Also need to buy a cam. The block is a 2 bolt main, and the heads are done. Heads are "781" casting large oval port. Cost is $1500.

    OPTION 2: I have a rebuildable 454 2 bolt main, "045" casting heads from a 90 SS 454 truck (?). Needs a valve job, block honed or bored and crank polished. Rebuild kit and machine work will run about 750. Heads are the small oval port and will accept a TBI intake.

    PLAN: I want to keep the build up as low cost as possible, yet net some big torqe and reliability numbers. I also want to use the factory TBI injection. I was planning on using the Edelbrock TBI intake (which is for the small oval port heads) the Edelbrock 2162 cam, and a set of headers.

    Any suggestions? The biggest difference is in the compression ratio and the port size of the heads. I don't want to run racing fuel, but am willing to use 92 octane gas. Second is if the pain of another intake and adapter to fit the large oval heads is worth the trouble. I want torque and will be keeping the RPMs below 4 grand. Cruise will be around 2400 RPM. THANKS!


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