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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by MTPockets, Jul 17, 2002.

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    question about the belly clearance: i have a 1" body lift...was thinking i could 'push up' the transfer case to increase belly clearance. how much clearance do i need between the floorboard and t-cases?

    question about the zero rates: i am trying to keep the altitude to a minimum...can i replace my flipped overload leaf with the zero rate? to relocate the front axle, i plan to have the front pack re-punched keeping the original pin location within the clamped area. ok?

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    With good body mounts you can run with pretty minimal clearance between the body and drivetrain. I like to have about 1/2" or so. Since it's in an are that's hard to measure, I just stick a finger in there and it's pretty close. The 'case will move around a little but not a bunch, especially in the center since the rotational motion is more pronounced near the front output.

    I don't recommend replacing overloads. Problem is the GM springs are designed with the overload as part of the carrying capacity of the spring and you can overflex the spring pretty easy. Know it because I've done it.
    I'd say re-drill the spring perch, or spring, or something else like that. Or we can look into a thinner offset leaf, like 3/8" or so.
    Drilling the spring pack can work but you are adding a fracture point for the spring so it's not a great idea. You can go a little but the hole needs to be firmly in the clamp range of the ubolts or the spring will move around the hole and break.

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