Best Donors for CV joints and 205 Flanges

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by BadDog, Mar 5, 2002.

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    Here's one for you. Did a search but, over whelmed by the number of results and nothing looked likely.

    What's the strongest CV joint available (for use in trucks like ours) from the factory and what is it found on? Preferably with a easily available flange to fit in the 205. I'm going to need one for my back shaft when I move the axle forward (my next major job after the cross over (not really major but gotta get it done). If going for THE strongest is going to have a limited angle then, what is "the best" (yeah, I know...) for trucks in the 4k weight range that does have the flex? Yeah, I could call Jesse, and, I may yet. However, if I can find a donor, I'll probably just make my own. Jesse does some nice stuff at a reasonable price (given the quality and development) but I frankly would rather spend money for other things right now. I'm not running a massive power plant, and I don't need highway speeds so, why not give it a whirl?

    I'm also thinking it would be cool to convert to flanges front and rear on the case. It would be nice if I could keep as many parts interchangeable as possible. Matching flanges front and rear, same U-Joints front and rear, etc. Along the same lines, are there any CVs that take the same joint as the D60 knuckles? Haven't measured but, the ultimate in reuse would be matching shafts front and rear. Doubt that is possible and I haven't even measured but, maybe if I ever do the doubler or stick a 465 on the back of my 400, who knows. If it's close, I suppose a long travel shaft would be able to make up the difference. Sure would be nice to just carry one complete shaft in case of failure.

    Just a few ideas bouncing around in my head. I've never before worried about U-Joint applications and what comes on what. In the past I've always pretty much just gone with good quality versions of whatever came on whatever I was working on. It's kinda fun going "all the way" but, on some things like this, I'm pretty clueless. Anyone got suggestions? What exactly am I looking for as a donor in the junk yards?
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    For ultimate trail fixing capability, I suggest forgetting about CV joints all together. My friend has a 12" lift and we made a 2 joint front driveshaft for it and it still works. The caster sucks but it still works. It can be fixed more easily on the trail than a CV shaft too. Keep this in mind.

    I believe White Knight doesn't use any CVs for this reason.

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