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    Okay, I own a IFS Blazer. I love my truck, and I am proud of it. However...... the IFS sucks @ss. The 3" Rancho lift with Rancho torsion bars cost as much installed as a 8" lift for one of your K5's would cost installed. So, now that ORU has a solid axle conversion kit for my truck and those IFS handicapped trucks like it, I am going to eventually convert it. My plan is about 8 inches of lift with a Dana 60 front and a 14 bolt FF in the rear. This is for 35x15's or so. I can go up to a 37x12.5 without them rubbing. I am completely planning and researching every part of this lift. I want to know spline counts, best gear sets and ratios, which locker for the rear, anything to make these axles the best I can get. I figured since I will be making it essentially into a new body style K5, I'd ask the pros about it. You can read the specifics of what I want to do on my little website if you go to my profile and click on it from there. Thanks guys.

    1992 Blazer Sport, 350 TBI, 4L60, 3" Gibson, K&N, 3" Rancho, 285/75R16 on 16x8 Baja's

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