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Discussion in 'Audio' started by Grim-Reaper, Sep 28, 2000.

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    I have a custom built band pass box for sale. It has 2 12 inch Bostwicks in it and will rattle your teeth. Now for those of you not aware what a a Bandpass does here is a quick overview. you take a box and divide it up in thirds. Then install a wall at the 1/3 point for the space with the speakers mounted to it. Then you install a set of ports into each section and you can tune the box by the lenght of the ports. This one is special...the front is made of 1/2 inch Plexiglass so you can see the inside of the box. The box is a reasonable size and will leave well over half of the cargo area free. The outside is a cosmetic peice so easily configured for your needs. I have had this thing for a while. It was designed to be mounted in the back seat of a supra. I was using it in the K5 for a while but needed the cargo room more often so it's back in the supra. I thougth I had it sold to a bud who has a supra but he has not come up with the cash and keeps stringing me along. The main box with speakers cost $375. I'll take $250 for it but realy don't want to ship it anywhere. I'll try to get a pic up of it soon . It's pretty sharp looking set up. It's roughly 20 inches tall when configured to be against the back seat of a K5. 30 wide and about 18 deep. The front is cut at an angle so it will fit tight to the seat in the supra. not quite the right angle for a K5 (seat is more upright) but pretty close. This booger needs some power to make it come alive. 100 watts minimum. 250 would be better. It is hooked up in the car but under powered but will be happy to demonstrate it works for anybody local.
    Somebody take this thing off my hands. I need the back seat in the Supra back for the kids and need the cash for some Bazzokas or a small JL that will take up minimal space in the Supra. I hate to scrap this box to get the speakers but I'm about to that point.

    Diging it in the dirt with my K5's

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