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    May 31, 2000
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    I was thinking of a big block swap for my '82.
    My questions are: Will my 12-bolt be strong enough or should I go with a 14 bolt?
    Can my ARB take all that torque?
    Will my th350 stand up to it?
    Should I get heavier duty driveshafts?
    Any other things I should consider?
    Sorry for so many questions, and thanks for your advice.
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    i put a 454 in my 85k5 this year,im running a t400 with the factory drive shafts,it still has the factory front and rear diffs.the only thing i did to the diffs.was to have them rebuilt and new gears really depends on how much abuse you want it to take.the perfect drive train would be a t400,14bolt full float rear,heavy duty drive shafts,and a dana 60 in front.but i havent had any problems with my 10 bolts,they arent as bad as people think they are if they are rebuilt with the proper parts.if money is no object then go for the heavy duty parts,but if you are on a budget then take it one step at a time.with any parts, you have to know the limits of what they will take,ive seen 1ton diffs.destroyed from being pushed past there limit.

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    Apr 6, 2000
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    Phoenix, AZ metro
    Be sure you do your homework...NO LET ME SAY IT AGAIN, BE SURE YOU DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I had an 83K5 with a 6.2. In late Feb 2000 I found a great deal on a 79 Burb with a low mileage 1993 model 454 with front end damage. My friend said it would " drop right in and be fine".....YEA RIGHT..
    My background is a high school gear head, now in mid 30's pay to get it done/shade tree type guy with a backpack full of tools, my buddy has a kick as shop former body shop guy...We removed the engine as a system, with wireing, belts, alt, modular like.and awaaay weeeee goooooo
    Remeber, diesel to gas-----
    Some of the um, challenges:
    TBI - needs a fuel pressure / pump installed.
    Fuel neck needs that little unleaded thing added.
    Exhaust - size, I had to cut a little framage for exhaust.
    AC system, hose change, recharge, etc.
    Flywheel, did not match to my f-ing 700R (more on 700r later)
    Engine oil lines had mods.
    Electrical challenges, TBI is very sensitive.Such as it has a computer module that had to be mounted under dash (somewhere, somehow).
    Had to turn distributor 180 degrees because it hit firewall.
    DID YOU KNOW, when you time TBI, there is a little brown wire with a black stripe located @ the distributor, you must unplug that, time it (yes with a light as I learned) then plug that wire back in......WAAA LAAA
    I think I have put a mental block on all the other stuff...
    MORE 700R problems - Dust cover will not pervert, still lookin.
    The TV cable is not a standard perversion for the 700R. It needs a custom mount for the TBI. And let me tell you, this cable adjustment is very sensitive, briefly, I had a TBI shop make a mount for the cable ($200.00) come to find out it does not allow full movement, from idle to full throttle.
    This in turn makes for, well that is where I am at...
    This 2-3 week perversion for a few thousand dollars is now 4 months and well into the $4 milion, no, $4,000 range and is at square one..............Well not really, I have the two axels I want to put under the Blazer from the Burb (14FF and not sure of the front axel, but has a kick butt suspension with lift kit with 33's and nice 8 lug rims)



    ps. These problems are how I found ColoradoK5. It is the only thing that keeps me going...When I get really down, I go to photo galleries to look at BAD ASS BLAZERS....It is therepy for me. We will not talk about the pressure form the wife, I am buying her a Tahoe or Yukon....

    Built for a purpose.
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    May 31, 2000
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    Hopefully I will not have to go through some of the problems you mentioned, because I think I will go with a Holley carb(instead of TBI) and maybe get TH400(instead of the TH700-R4) to replace my 350, also I won't have to make any diesel to gasoline changes because I currently have a 350 engine. Thank you for the other tips though. The 454 I am looking at is a crate type engine, but it is one that I have to put together myself.

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