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big problems, need help!!!!

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 86badass, Apr 12, 2002.

  1. 86badass

    86badass Registered Member

    Jan 2, 2002
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    port huron michigan
    ok people,

    this is my sad story..

    i have an 86 jimmy, with an aftermarket 350.recentley my quadra crap junked out on me so i replaced it with a EDELBROCK 1406 carb. i hooked everything up and while i was tuning the idel , my mechanic and i would shift from park to drive and then adjust the carb.

    i kept gettting reall really hard shift when i did this. once we got the truck out on the road i would give it gas, but the engine didn't really go faster, it just went a little higher then idel.

    i can't accelrate, and the pedal will barely move.

    my question is... by going from park to drive and getting these hard kicks, would it wreck my transmission.

    i already lost my over-drive, and sometimes when i goto stop the truck begins to kick as i slow down (and i hear a ticking noise from the front of the truck when this happens.

    if i get a new tranny, should i rebulid mine or buy one from jegs.com . a shop told me a rebuild would cost 1500 $ and i can buy a trans. from jegs for like 700 $

    what do you think this is.....

    thanx in advance adam
  2. Hossbaby50

    Hossbaby50 3/4 ton status

    Sep 1, 2001
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    Peoria, AZ
    1986 year model trucks had computer controlled carbs and distributors. I would venture to guess when you replaced the carb, you didn't replace the distributor. I would guess that the distributor is causing all your problems. That is where I would start.
  3. Thunder

    Thunder 3/4 ton status

    Jul 20, 2000
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    Northeast Nevada
    Along with getting a HEI Dist. it also sounds like you need to adjust the TV cable. If it is out of adjustment the tranny wont shift right. It is critical that this cable be adjusted properly. It controlls fluid pressure in your trans.

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