Big steering trouble

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    Hi Chevydrivers,
    I have a very bad Problem on my CUCV, if i turn sharp left like when i go left on a crossway, then when I
    want to go straight, the truck turns right a little just like the axle would be out of direction.then after some
    harder short steering turns, it goes straight ahead again.
    So if it would be my Brakes, it would stop turning right when I depress the brake pedal but that doesnt have
    any effect.So i checked all bearrings and ball joints and found the one which is located on the connection
    from the steering box to the left wheel near to the left wheel is a little bit bad but not very bad, although I
    dont think it would have an effect like this if it was worn out?
    I cant locate any trace that a moving axle would leave on the springs and also the spring mounting rubbers
    are not worn out.
    The springs are freshly oiled so they can move easy on each other.
    I hope anyone of you got some suggestions for me what causes my probs.....
    Thanks, Chevyuser

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