biggest spare?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by **DONOTDELETE**, Aug 18, 2003.

    whats the biggest spare i can run on one of those bolt to the sheetmetal carriers. i think its 33" but ya think i can get away with 35" if i run alloy wheels and an 8" rim instead of 10, to keep the leverage to a min?
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    You're talkin about the stock carrier inside right?

    33 or small diameter 35.. I tried a 35" DTR on a 15x10" Weld Scorpion and it would not fit with the back seat. With no back seat a 35 will fit.

    Ok, I just re-read the psot and I think you mean the outside style carrier... I probably wouldn't go over a 33, maybe a 35 if it is a lighter weight tire(MT style) with an alum rim...
  2. ya the cheap aftermarket outside the tailgate thing. thats what i was hoping for,35 BFG a/t on an alloy 15/8 rim. anyone ever rip one of these off>? or am i the only one who insists to keep it.

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