Biker wanting to be Mayor of Oakland!

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    Jones wants to be Oakland mayor
    By Cecily Burt, STAFF WRITER
    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Wendell G. Jones of Oakland is running for mayor because he s fed up with the city s lackadaisical response to crime. (Nick Lammers - STAFF) [​IMG] [​IMG]OAKLAND — Wendell G. Jones has never held public office. He doesn't even bother to attend public meetings. Yet he's running for mayor of Oakland because he's convinced he can do a better job than the person in charge now.

    Jones, 42, believes it's a plus that his curriculum vitae is not that of a typical politician. He has an art degree, not a law degree, and he loves motorcycles and hosting biker build-offs. He has no debts, no credit cards, and his Oakland lodgings are rent-controlled, which is a good thing because he doesn't make much money.

    He has prior experience managing employees at Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, where he designed and built a

    $12 million manufacturing plant at age 23, but nothing compared to managing a city with thousands of employees and a two-year budget of nearly $2 billion.

    "I don't have any big political agenda, I don't have any pockets to line," he said. "I just want to make Oakland better."

    Jones graduated from the University of Wisconsin with dual art degrees. He came to California in 1988 and started making furniture before landing the job with Otis Spunkmeyer, where he managed his own department and designed the pull-out drawer cookie displays that are still used today.

    He spent eight years creating movie sets and models, and now he shares space in his buddy Erin Beales' historic Graphic Visions warehouse on Thomas L. Berkeley Way, where he fabricates custom scooter frames and one-of-a-kind furniture.

    His speech is peppered with words such as "dude" and "heinous," and he hosts a biker build-off challenge every year.

    He hasn't yet raised a dime for the mayoral election.

    Jones said he has a knack for listening to people and picking their brains for ideas, and he plans to knock on a lot of doors.

    "People who are not in politics have brilliant ideas[​IMG][​IMG]
    because they are out here in the thick of it," Jones said.

    Jones said he warmed to the idea of running for mayor as more and more annoying events transpired that he felt could have been handled much more efficiently.

    Like the time his motorcycle was stolen in the middle of the afternoon from in front of his shop. Even though he had a video of the theft, he said police never called him back.

    Or the time he told a meter reader that someone had just vandalized a meter a few minutes earlier and they could probably catch the crook if they called the police. The employee shrugged his shoulders and did nothing, Jones said. It also bugs him that downtown Oakland is empty on nights and weekends and that many Oakland police officers don't live in the city.

    Jones said people are always asking his advice on a variety of topics, and he has never shied from expressing his opinion. Friends and acquaintances are encouraging and enthusiastic, which only makes him want to run more, he said. Even his girlfriend, who was dead-set against it at first, is starting to think he'd make a good mayor.

    "I've always been interested in politics, and it's just criminal to me what's going on in Oakland," he said. "I'm willing to just work my ass off for four years and make Oakland

    1 percent better, because it hasn't gotten any better." Beales, a native Oaklander who acknowledges he has never voted, said he will if Jones is on the ballot. "I will register," Beales said. "I've been doing business here for 15 years, and it's been the same problems."
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    I think he'll get beat like a Hitler pinada at a Mossad picnic..........
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    I still think that mayors and what not should be average folks. Most day to day people that I meet seem to have much more common sense than I see comin out of any political offices.
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    One nuke bomb for $1 million ... crime problem solved and well within the city's budget.
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    There is always someone like this for whatever political office. Mabey the story will be about me in the near future. "Crazy redneck 4 wheeler runs for county commisioner"

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