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bikini half top or fiberglass half top?

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by mrchev, Apr 17, 2003.

  1. mrchev

    mrchev Registered Member

    Jan 7, 2003
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    Guys, this board has been really cool! I've learned a lot of stuff from here. I do want to say thanks to Steve Fox and his crew too. They got a great board! And, Steve has helped me to advertise on this site with a banner ad. Which, has been helpful in promoting my new 1st gen Blazer half top coming June 2003.

    Heres my question: Are either one of the tops more desirable than the other?

    I'm doing the final touches on the 1st gen Blazer half top, which is fiberglass. Then a friend that does convertible tops came over the other night. I was discussing that I had read on here about the problems everyone was having trying to get a bikini half top made from a company BestTop. Did they finally make one? He said he could make one, but wanted to know the interest in them. And, what people were looking for in a bikini top?
    Since I've spent countless hours on this fiberglass half top, I thought I could assist him on the bikini top if there hasn't been one made yet?

    Got any input I could pass along to him?

    Thanks, MrChev
  2. kburnett

    kburnett Registered Member

    Mar 15, 2003
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    DFW, Texas
    Well, actually my mother is in the process of making me two bikini tops for my 71' Blazer. One of them is going to be made out of the same material that they use for boat covers and it is waterproof and will not let light through. It is a strong canvas that will snap or turn loc on the winddhield bar and tie down over my roll cage. The other one will be the same top except made from a strong screen type material that will let a little light through and is not waterproof. It will fasten the same way. She is also going to start playing around with the idea of a top like that except this one would have zippers all around the seem so that you can add panels to enclose the Blazer. That way when you have the top off and the bikini top on and it starts to rain you can zip the panels on and not get wet. I am getting married in June and she is making the bridemaides dresses for us so my top is currently second priority and she has not worked on it very much. After June 7th it will be the first priority and when it is complete I will post pictures of it.

    I think your fiberglass half top looks great. I bought a top from another blazer that was cracked pretty bad in the middle for $25 at a swap meet. What you have already done is what I am going to do with mine except I am going to cut out the section with the side windows all around the top until you have 3 pieces of the top. The front piece that goes over the cab, the middle section with the side windows and the rear section that has the hatch. I am them going to fiberglass the front and the rear piece back together and may even fiberlglass the hatch so that it won't open. The pipe on my roll cage that connects the front of the roll cage to the back of the roll cage comes out similar to many newer jeeps' roll bars. This way I can still keep my roll cage and be able to install my truck-top or half-top.

    Both of these products are in high demand and I am surprised that no one makes them already. Good luck.


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