binding drag link?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by Jonny-K5, Jul 13, 2003.

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    i put a 3" lift on a month ago. i used a 2" drop pitman arm. adjusted drag link all the way tight to center steering wheel. two weeks ago i start hearing a binding sound when i'd turn the wheels going slow (under 5 mph)
    like if im pulling in or out of a parking spot. its gotten progressivly worse and i think ive pinpointed it to the bolt that connects the steering arm to the drag link. how can i fix this? i tried greasing already. should i disassemble and lube the bolt? also the pitman arm that i got from ORD seems to have a bad angle thru its travel. would a raised steering arm have been better to keep the draglink closer to stock movement?
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    Any noise coming from the draglink is due to lack of lube and it may be time for new ends if they've been making noise for very long. The stud shouldn't ever move, it clamps in tight to the taper in the arm and the motion occurs around the ball end of the stud inside the draglink end.
    What is the part# of the pitman arm? If it's on a 4wd box there's not much choice so it's probably the right one. Be aware the shape of that arms is pretty strange since it has to convert rotational motion to linear motion and the box sits at an angle on the frame. It should be similar to your stock arm, just dropped down.

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