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    ------------- Taking 'Handgun' Too Literally ---------------

    NEILLSVILLE, Wis. - One man may have pulled the worst fake-gun
    robbery attempt of all time at a pharmacy in Wisconsin. As if
    putting your thumb and forefinger in your pocket to simulate
    a concealed weapon weren't bad enough, this guy forgot the
    whole 'pocket' part. The masked man allegedly tried to rob the
    place by forming his gloved hand into the shape of a gun. A
    witness said the suspect didn't bother to hide his pointed
    finger under a jacket or anything. Not fooling the pharmacy
    owner one bit, he bravely wrestled with the suspect and ripped
    off his mask. The accused would-be robber ran away and was
    arrested a short time later. After having his mask torn off,
    he was easy to 'point' out.

    ------------- "I Axed You Not to Cheat on Me!" -------------

    HELSINKI - Calling your wife in the middle of an affair, though
    it was by accident, will always put a man in a dangerous
    situation. An adulterous Finn accidentally dialed his wife as
    he made love to her friend in his car. Had the woman not
    moaned "I love you" during the time the phone was on, the man
    might have had an explanation. Filled with rage, the wife went
    over to the woman's house and punched her in the face before
    heading back home to wield an axe at her cheating husband.
    Though he managed to fend off the attack, the man received
    quite a scare. A court official says the wife received a 14-
    month suspended sentence for the attacks. The couple has since
    split up.

    ------------------- A Hulk With a Bulk -------------------

    A little girl received quite a shock when she removed the
    purple shorts of her Incredible Hulk doll and discovered
    that the green monster was very anatomically correct. Six-
    year-old Leah Lowland noticed a lump on the stuffed monster
    she won, catchphrase "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry,"
    at a seaside fair. After discovering the Hulk's two-inch
    manhood, the horrified girl immediately ran to her mother
    Kim to report the find. Kim called to put a ban on the
    saucy toy claiming that kids should not be exposed to this
    kind of thing. Apparently, Leah didn't like the Hulk when
    he was aroused either.
    ----------------- What If He Gets Hungry? -----------------

    Shahin Portofeh is a 23-year-old Iranian asylum seeker in
    Britain who has protested government plans to deport him by
    sewing shut his eyes, ears and mouth, the British Broad-
    casting Corp. reports. Portofeh is lying on a bed, dressed
    in a T-shirt, shorts and socks. He's put a letter detailing
    his deportation opposition on a bedside table, the BBC says.
    The British Home Office isn't budging, but a spokesman
    called the man's actions "deeply regrettable." An Iranian
    Kurd living in England had tried the same stunt earlier --
    and added a hunger strike.

    -------- Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or...Beer? --------

    Maybe Baskin Robbins can use this as their flavor of the cream mixed with a subtle taste of Newcastle
    Brown Ale. The dessert, created by the Doddington Dairy
    in Northumberland, is currently only available in England
    on a limited release. If the public reacts favorably to
    the beer flavored treat, it could be headed for the export
    market in the near future. For those worried about eating
    and driving, only about one percent alcohol is left after
    processing, so have no fear about facing the breathalyser

    +-------------------- Bizarre Lawsuits --------------------+

    A Philadelphia man sued U.S. Airways claiming that he
    thought the plane he was on crashed and he was dead after
    the crew accidentally left him sleeping on the aircraft.
    (The Birmingham News)

    A judge in Germany sued Coca-Cola, claiming that his habit
    of consuming two Cokes a day over several years caused him
    to develop diabetes.

    The pet guardians of a golden retriever asked an Ohio court
    to expand the legal status of dogs to allow the canines to
    sue in court after their dog was injured by an invisible
    electrical fence.
    (Associated Press)

    Financially ruined day trader Mark Barton killed nine people
    in an Atlanta office. His lawyers argued that the industry
    itself was to blame because the risky nature of the business
    made such a crime foreseeable.
    (Fulton County Daily Report)
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