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Blazer-Fest raffle items updated 7/12

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by gokartergo, May 18, 2005.

  1. gokartergo

    gokartergo 3/4 ton status Staff Member Moderator

    Dec 2, 2000
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    Hollister, CA
    The products are starting to come in.. I will up date this has they do..
    I would like to Thank all sponsor of Blazer-Fest 6 Dan

    http://www.ramsey.com/intro.html 1 12,000 pd winch part number 109194 http://www.ramsey.com/winches/patriotprofile12000.html
    and a offroad accesory kit. #251215
    http://www.4wd.com/ 4---$50.00 gift cetificates
    http://www.jeep4x4center.com/ http://www.cyberjeep.com/ 25---$10.00 gift certificates..
    http://www.jegs.com/ Brochures and hats..
    http://www.usa6x6.com/ Gift certificate for $600.00 off a set of doublebeadlocks
    http://www.4wpw.com/4wp/index.asp San Jose Branch 2 30,000 tow straps & 2-48 inch Hi-lift jacks
    http://www.rubicon4x4.com/catalog/index.php 2 $25.00 next online purchase
    http://www.premierpowerwelder.com/pwerintro.html cerificate for $50.00 off pull pall or $150.00 of ready welder & How to weld video
    http://www.painlessperformance.com/ gift cerificate for 65% off products, stickers, banner
    http://www.specialtytopco.com/ 1 top of your choice..
    http://www.offroaddesign.com/ has always..It's a surprize!!!!!
    http://www.rockauto.com/ $25.00 gift certificate 200 rock auto magnets.
    http://www.mrgasket.com/ 200 stickers
    http://www.bestop.com/index.php?s=6 1 tigertop $600.00 value..
    http://www.knfilters.com/ gift cerificate towards 1 replacement filter.200
    http://www.tractech.com/ 1 detroit locker or truetrac of your choice. & stickers
    http://www.edelbrock.com/ hats & stickers and goody bags
    http://www.glendonco.com/ 5 fire extiguishers and brackets.
    http://www.tuffyproducts.com/ 4 cozy cups,1 coffe cup,1 hat, 1 banner
    http://www.leatherman.com/ 1 leatherman..
    http://www.sbdriveline.com/ 2 $100.00 gift certificates towards new drivelines
    http://www.whiteknight.ca/ 2 DVD'S
    http://www.tecinnovations.com/ 1 wireless winch remote system Valued at $149.95
    http://www.diy4x.com/ The plan is to give away a set of DIY beadlocks that will be customized to commemorate the event. Probably your logo if that is OK and the date. We will squeeze our logo in there somewhere also. They are also coming out to the event and setting up a small booth..
    http://www.firestik.com/ 5 4 ft antennas 150 stickers and catalogs.
    http://www.borgeson.com/ 2 $50.00 GIFT CERTIFICATES towards there steering componts.
    http://www.holley.com/ $25.00 mail in rebates towards carb.intake or voodoo cams..
    http://www.arb.com.au/default.htm?menu.htm&0 25% of a complete system or parts
    http://www.teraflex.biz/ 1 set of sway bar disconnects
    http://www.outdoorsafety.net/ 1 large fist aid kit
    http://www.autometer.com/ 240 stickers
    http://www.ekusa.com/ 24 visor clips./25 lynds./50 stickers 12 surprize gifts.
    http://www.taylorvertex.com/ 150 stickers
    http://www.warn.com/ 1 set SDB-105PB Fog beam adjustable lights $291.44 value.. http://www.winchcentral.com/lights/SDB105PB.asp
    http://coloradok5.com/ 30...3" CK5 stickers and a 4 year membership to CK5.com (a $100.00 value)
    http://www.summitracing.com/ Banner about 200 stickers. and goody bags..
    http://www.blackwidowperformance.com/ shane74 from CK5 a set of custom shackles (length determined by winner) and a 1.25x.25 DOM HD tie rod w/ jamb nuts (axle application determined by winner, TRE's supplied by winner)
    http://www.perma-cool.com/ 200 stickers, banner, One engine oil cooler part number 69189
    http://www.compcams.com/ 200 stickers
    http://www.advanceadapters.com/ 100.00 gift certificate and about 100 stickers
    http://www.bushwacker.com/ Gift certificate for a complete set of fender flares
    http://www.tsmmfg.com/ 2= $100.00 gift certificates.
    Muddytazz from JMR Offroad has donated a set of Clevis shackle mounts..
    http://www.differentials.com/ Free Sierra Gear Master Installation Kit of your choice
    http://www.outdooredge.com/ 50%OFF Coupon for up to 4 items..
    http://www.huskyliners.com/ Gift certificate Worth $70.00
    4x4high through his connections 14 videos, 2 30,000 lb tow straps

    Irwin Dist Crawlin89XJ
    1- irwin soft side bag
    1-irwin tote bag
    1-4" vice grip
    1-6" vice grip
    1-8" vice grip
    1-8" channel lock
    1-6" channel lock line man pliers
    1-18pcs irwin brill bit set
    1-5pcs irwin nut removel kit
    5 bags shop rags

    I will donate a D60 or 14b diff cover, whatever the winner chooses.

    Nor Cal Offroad items
    1 3,000.000 candle power spotlight.
    2 coleman sleeping bags
    1 7x9 dome tent
    2 telescoping magnets
    3 First aid Kits
    2 Emergency Flashlights
    1 13X9 screened Gazebo
    1 11x11 canopy
    1 reliance Luggable-Loo Portable Toilet
    1 3-n-1 balljoint/u-joint/c-frame press sevice kit.
    1 Radio shack 40 channel CB
    2 emergency/survival duffle bags. 1 first aid kit, Flashlight, Compact shovel., Tow chain with hooks. shackle, Sun screen, Chap stick, Rain Pancho,water bottle,TP,Paper towels,
    12v small air compressor 250 PSI, Mech gloves. ,50 tie straps, electrical tape, emergency blanket, bungie cords, Inscect repellent, jumper cables,GE hand held 40 channel CB radio.These bags are over a $250.00 value..
    Items from members

    Burt4x4 a new set of Chevy V8 8mm sparkplug wires cut to fit, Summit Blue (made by Taylor)
    NOSMOG73 1 Portable compressor http://www.norcalbigdawgs.net/Gallery/albums/album65/MVC_020S_002.jpg
    Gokartergo 1 never used but was on truck 48 inch Hi lift jack..
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2005

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