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Discussion in 'Midwest Region' started by blazer72, May 24, 2004.

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    Well after over a year of seeing Katia’s almost stock Rubicon go were ever it wants and after taking the tub and frame of Layne's to the crusher. I find its time to down size. As much as I love the K5 it needs to go. Weather it goes as a running truck is up to the truck gods.

    At this point I am going to try and sell the truck. But if there’s some thing on it you must have or think some friend needs let me know.

    1972 CST blazer, hard top/soft top. Mod Warn Ft winch bumper. 450 hp, 480 LBS 406 ci small block TPI/DSI, JTR Headers OEM retro fit serpentine belt, NV4500 with the lower 1st and 2nd gear set. OEM Bell housing with OEM Hydro clutch. ORD 1gen dubbler. D60 ft axel with Dynatrck 6 bolt hubs 4.11 gears with an ARB locker. 14 bolt rear with military locker also 4.11 gears 6 bolt hub with the same brakes as the front. Axel track is off by 1 inch and that is made up by rim off set. Both MOO diff covers. Tires are 4 MTR 37 12.50 15 and 2 mixed 36 the 37 inch spare is still mounted up but it tost The Steering is Wagner ‘s hydro ram kit. The rear also has a MOO tork arm. Gages are VDO Sony AM/FM/CD with 2 10” subs and 6 other speakers. As all of you have seen and or ridden it, with some even having driven it. There are also an extra set of doors and a hood, extra drive shaft ft and rear; much more it all goes with it. It is currently street legal and will pass inspection.

    I know I have more in it than I want to print here but it’s over 25k. I will sell this for 15999.00. I will start to part it out soon. I will also pay a finder fee to any one that can find a buyer.

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