blazer rear seat and suburban third seat same thing?

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    i have one that i believe is for a sub third seat but might work for rear blazer too. it has the two hook type attachments in front and the same latch/handle release that a blazer seat does. the only diff i see is it doesn't have the arm on the one side that bolts to the floor for when you fold it all the way forward. here's some pics:

    reason i ask is i want to sell it. it is light tan and in good shape. just want to advertisei it properly.
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    The onle difference in the 2 are the seat brackets, as you said above. Generally..they both can have armrest. The suburban seats have brackets that allow the seat to be removed with out tools. The blazer seats simply fold an d tumble but do require bolt removal before seat removal. The hinge brackets for the seats and the armrest are the samee on both.
  2. cool, thanks. i guess i have burb third seat. i'll post it on for sale forum.

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