Blazer S-10, Jimmy S-15 , and Barava Fourth of July Show and Cruise

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    I have a customized S-10 Blazer with a modified 350 and all the goodies in the drive train. I am a member of the Richland, Iowa Community Club and I suggested that we being centrally located in this good Old USA we should open up our town during our 4thJuly celebration and they went along with it if I can get enough interest, they would basiclally turn the town over to we lovers of our type of vehicles. Now I need to know by your E-Mails if you would be interested there would be a entry fee of $5.00 to cover national advertising and there would be prizes awarded in various classes as well as special awards for furtherest away, craziest paint,show winner by apectators, and etc. as we come up with them. We have a town Square, 6 Acre Park and lots of streets. We also have the best of homecooked foods at the square and two restaurants. I need your help to pull this 1st annual show off and as I said before the town would be yours. As Ever Ron /forums/images/graemlins/k5.gif /forums/images/graemlins/k5.gif

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