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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by Corey-88K5, Aug 14, 2002.

  1. Corey-88K5

    Corey-88K5 1/2 ton status

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Home: Michigan, Stationed: Hill AFB (Home of Moab.
    Well folks, I did it...

    The ol' K5 is gone. Settled for 4k and she left me with nothing more than a CB and the bumpers. My current intentions are to finish building my 84 Toyota (Frame Off) and I just spent about $700 at Sears on tools, and ordered a pipe bender, and am currently looking for a Bandsaw, Drillpress, torch set, welder... I'm hoping to start a small business in the field of fabrication. My later hopes are to buy another Blazer (91) and start over with that one. Many plans for the future, but only time will tell. There are a lot of hoops to jump through trying to start a small (out of the house) business and I'm working those issues as well as prepping the garage (Lights, wiring, A/C, Heat, HD Service (Air compressor & Welder...)

    I'd like to extend a show of gratitude to all of you K5 owners that have helped over the years, and that I have helped and directly Steve Fox. I remember when we BOTH started out asking each other questions and helping with each others sites. Congrats on this beast you have steve! As many of you may know, I have ammased a large ammount of K5 Knowledge, and most of it is all assembled on my site, please feel free to reference this information as needed. If you have any questions, please let me know and I'll get on it as quickly as I can. If anybody wants to swing by and shoot the breeze or fab something up let me know!

    Baby steps... Baby steps...

    XX 88-K5 XX
    Project "CHAOS" (84 Yota)
  2. Burt4x4

    Burt4x4 3/4 ton status

    Feb 17, 2000
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    California (Modesto area)
    Damn trator!!
    HEHE J/K Bro!
    Ahh the good ole days, I remember them too. Alot sure has changed in the past 3yrs!
    Just wanted to thank you for all the info in the past you have provided. Keep in touch and shoot some pics from time to time our way so we can see your lill Toy /forums/images/icons/grin.gif
    Have fun and keep the rubber side down!

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