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    I posted this info instead of e-mailing it because it has useful info for all of us. Your VIN# is CKL189Z108582. All info is for 79 only
    C= Chevrolet Motor Division
    K= K5-(the second digit is always the truck type) all K vehicles have a K in this position
    L= denotes a 350 4-Barrel (code LS9)
    (an M in this position would indicate a 2 barrel 350)
    1= 10 series truck, without code F44, which is the heavy duty chassis.
    8= Utility Blazer
    9= 1979
    Z= this position is the production plant- Z is Fremont California
    108582- is the production sequence of your truck, they all start with a 1. the first truck bult was 100001.

    TBC is your motor- this code was used on other engines, the only truck applications are 1979 blazers, jimmys, chev 10 and 20 series trucks and GMC trucks, all with an auto trans and with federal emissions. Your Motor is original because the numbers from your motor match your VIN.-C9Z108582.
    the head numbers you gave me I could not find. The head numbers on that engine under the Valve cover should be 474214. these are just truck heads. If you find another number under there, tell me I'll look it up..........I need a breath......js

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