Blood in the Streets?

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    Blood in the Streets?
    Report By Hal Turner - Posted: 11.12.00

    Source: The Hal Turner Show

    While Gore supporters are holding protests in the streets, Bush
    supporters are
    buying bullets at gun shops. In the three days since the U.S. General
    ammunition sales throughout the United States have jumped an
    nine-hundred percent (900%). Americans are furious over massive,
    blatant and
    widespread vote fraud by supporters of Al Gore and many are openly
    about "blood in the streets."

    Voter fraud in Tuesdays general election has Radio Talk Shows
    throughout the
    United States burning up with callers who are openly speaking about
    insurrection, blood in he streets, state secession from the Union and
    aloud whether President Bill Clinton will use this election debacle
    as an excuse
    to remain in power after his term expires on January 20, 2001.

    Such talk is not limited to fanatics; U.S. Congressman Ron Paul
    (R-TX), lent
    credibility to the prospects of violence when he was asked tonight on
    station WBCQ if President Clinton would use this situation to remain
    in power.
    Responding to that query, Rep. Paul stated "Six months ago, I thought
    the idea
    was preposterous. Now I'm not so sure. The people would come out and
    would be total violence."

    Here's a brief list of just some of the fraud:

    Tens of thousands of U.S. Military personnel around the world were
    unable to
    cast ballots for the first time in US History because their Military
    ballots "got lost in the mail." In past elections, the Military voted
    9:1 in favor of

    Thousands of non-US Citizens - who cannot legally vote - were sent
    letters by
    President Bill Clinton just days before the election, informing them
    they had
    registered, and even providing them with Voter Identification Cards
    to sign and
    use when voting! These mailings were sent to states with large Latino

    populations such as California, possibly allowing enough non-citizens
    to vote
    and sway the election.

    In New York City, voting machines were tampered with, disabling the
    Republican voting levers. When voters came out of the malfunctioning
    booths and sought a paper ballot, it let polling workers know the
    voter was
    going to vote Republican because those were the only levers that
    working. A television news crew caught Democrat vote counters in
    New York throwing thousands of paper ballots into garbage dumpsters -

    resulting in thousands of Republican votes disappearing.

    Also in New York, registered Republican voters were told in hundreds
    of polling
    places they were no longer registered to vote. Those persons were
    offered a
    paper "provisional ballot" but when those ballots were filled out,
    Poll workers
    refused to place the Ballots in a locked box.

    In the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, computerized voting machines
    reprogrammed so that votes were not counted whenever anyone cast
    ballots for
    all candidates from the same political party! Upwards of 68,000 votes
    may have
    been reprogrammed out of existence.

    In Michigan, Gore campaign workers were paying drunks and homeless
    with cigarettes if those people would register to vote and cast a
    ballot for Gore.

    In Missouri, polling places in heavy Democrat areas remained open up
    to four
    hours after the legal time, allowing those Democrats to cast ballots.

    In New Jersey, hundreds of voters in urban Democrat areas like Hudson
    Essex County, were jammed into the hallways at the County Boards of
    Elections, casting absentee or provisional ballots hours after the
    polls legally

    The media a willing participant

    Just minutes after voting places on the east coast closed, major news
    began "calling' the race. But when the networks "called" Florida as
    being won
    by Al Gore, they did so despite the fact that a portion of that state
    is in the
    Central time zone and those polling places were still open.

    These premature "call" of Florida by the media caused
    tens-of-thousands of
    voters in the affluent Republican area of the Florida panhandle, to
    leave polling
    places without voting because they thought Gore had already won.
    Florida is
    now the key state in the Presidential race.

    False Claims of fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida Democrats have
    complaining wildly about alleged fraud in Palm Beach County, Florida,
    19,000 ballots were allegedly discarded because voters punched
    ballots for two
    Presidential candidates. Punching the ballot for two Presidential
    automatically voids the ballot.

    But it is now surfacing that many or most of the 19,000 discarded
    ballots were,
    in fact, lawfully and properly replaced when voters who made the
    mistake came
    out of the voting booth, requested and received replacement ballots
    then cast a
    proper vote!

    Leftist Gore supporters and the media are ignoring this fact,
    spurring outrage by
    conservatives that the truth is being suppressed and causing
    minorities in that
    county to take to the to the streets demanding a re-vote. Such a
    re-vote is not
    only illegal under Florida law, it is also illegal under federal law.
    (3 U.S.C. 1)

    Putting this in perspective, even if the 19,000 votes were all
    discarded and not
    counted, those votes would only represent four percent (4%) of the
    total votes
    cast in that County, meaning ninety-six percent of the other voters
    in the
    County did it correctly.

    As a result of all this election fraud, Bush supporters are convinced
    that Gore,
    with Clinton's help, is stealing the US Presidential election. Bush
    supporters are
    going to gun stores in large numbers and buying large amounts of
    for their guns. Many are openly saying they will not allow Al Gore to
    steal the
    election and are calling those who support Gore "the

    Not since the early 1860's prior to the Civil War has the US
    population been so
    divided and openly talking about violent civil warfare. Radio callers
    are making
    unprecedented open and public calls to employ the Second Amendment
    to keep and bear arms) to protect the integrity of the Constitution
    and of the
    Bush election.

    This election has pitted brother against brother, parent against
    child, young
    against old, white against black, Gentile against Jew. The anger is
    palatable and
    the situation grows steadily worse.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    Thats some deep stuff What are you doing about it?

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    Perhaps flags like these will fly again.

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    I'm not really sure about what I am going to do about it, I just posted it for all to read. I am not real happy with the gore regime right now but I am not the type of person who throws a fit and picks up a gun every time something doesn't go my way either. I think that if Gore gets into office we as an OHV community need to organize a letter writing campaign the likes that have never been seen before, it is time for Republicans to band together and show unity, the same way the democrats have banded together to shut down public property.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    I bought my first 30-06 and my first 357 magnum on election day. Not saying I'm ready to use them just saying I bought them. I really hated to hear today that all that land was closed with the roadless initiative today.

    David 75K5


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