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    >Utah BLM formulates unreasonable standards for OHV use in popular San
    >Utah BLM released the San Rafael Route Designation Seriously Plan for
    >public comment and review. The seriously flawed travel plan closes at
    >least 40% of existing roads and trails. More importantly, the
    >Implementation and Monitoring section requires BLM to impose more
    >restrictive standards upon the request of any Wilderness Advocacy Group.
    >The San Rafael Route Designation Plan is so filled with anti-OHV bias that
    >it becomes appropriate to question the suitability of the author(s) to
    >manage any public land resource other than wilderness. In the analysis of
    >OHV effects, the document refers to impacts of OHV's on wildlife as
    >"harassment" and alleges that OHV users are "running over fauns". Nowhere
    >in the document does it discuss the fact that the entire San Rafael Swell
    >(including existing Wilderness Study Areas) was "trammeled" by mineral
    >search activities culminating with the Vanadium and Uranium boom of the
    >50's. The document concludes that, other than OHV activity, these lands
    >are pristine, devoid of any human use or activity whatsoever.
    >This is not the case. The roads left by the miners and prospectors are
    >national treasures to be cherished and preserved. These roads need to be
    >conserved for future generations so that they might also experience the
    >delights and joys of the natural beauty that has been so abundantly
    >afforded us. Since the EA is so preoccupied with the many negative effects
    >of RV use in this area, it becomes important to gain some grasp of just
    >how much surface area we're dealing with.
    >Alternative 1, the so-called "no action" alternative and the most liberal
    >of all, would designate 1,074 miles. From this we can calculate the total
    >surface area of roads and trails to be 2.034 square miles or 1302 acres.
    >This is equal to just 0.126 percent of the land in question or 1 out of
    >every 792 acres. Is this too much to ask for the majority of Swell patrons
    >who prefer the use of vehicles? Certainly
    >More importantly, the Implementation and Monitoring Plan gives authority
    >to manage OHV use over to any Wilderness Advocacy Group by stating: "All
    >routes open for motorized travel in WSAs and wilderness inventory areas,
    >and citizen's wilderness proposal areas would remain under a
    >"conditionally open" status. These routes would remain open only if
    >motorized travel does not impair the unit for designation. These routes
    >would be scrutinized more intensely by BLM monitoring than public lands
    >with no wilderness values. Based on monitoring or
    >any of the above, restrictions on travel may be adjusted if anticipated
    >impacts or expected results are not occurring." Read that carefully. It
    >says that a popular and legal recreational activity, occurring on legal
    >travelways, is going to be designated as "conditionally open", subject to
    >intense scrutiny and future restrictions simply because it happens to
    >occur on lands alleged to have "wilderness character" by any radical
    >Wilderness Advocacy Group that decides to put together a "citizens proposal".
    >Do not let this outrage stand. Our Utah partners, the Utah Shared Access
    >Alliance (USA-ALL) has asked the BlueRibbon for help. We need you, your
    >friends and your family to TAKE ACTION TODAY!
    >Fax a letter to Utah BLM State Director Sally Wisely.
    >*Tell her just a bit about yourself and be sure to let her know if you
    >have visited the Swell, or even plan to visit the Swell in the future.
    >*Inform her of the anti-OHV bias contained in the San Rafael Route
    >Designation Plan. Let her know that you do not HARASS wildlife or RUN OVER
    >FAWNS! Tell her how outraged you are and ask her to read the San Rafael
    >Route Designation Plan to see if she can find one positive statement about
    >you or your family within the text.
    >*Inform her that any management policy or other specific management
    >actions based solely upon a "citizens wilderness proposal" is
    >inappropriate, contrary to established BLM policy and illegal. Ask her if
    >she agrees with the assertion made by the author(s) that all lands within
    >the "citizens" proposal have "wilderness values". Ask her to inquire how
    >this criteria got into the San Rafael route designation Plan.
    >*Finally, and most importantly, tell her that OHV users should not be
    >punished for the BLM's failure to manage OHV use in the past. Ask her to
    >instruct the Price Field Office to immediately implement positive OHV
    >management solutions within the current management plan. Ask her to adopt
    >Alternative 1, sign the existing roads and trails, provide maps, engage in
    >cooperative management efforts with ALL public land users and revise the
    >Implementation and Monitoring plan so that SUWA does not have authority to
    >manage OHV use. Remind her of the past mining history and the many
    >closures OHV users have suffered in the past.
    >Be polite and be sure to include your name and address. Ask her to keep
    >you informed of this and any planning activity in the Price Field Office.
    >(Sorry, no form letter this time. Please cut and paste from the above to
    >make your comments unique)
    >Address your letter to:
    >Sally Wisely, Utah BLM State Director, P.O. Box 45155, SLC, UT 84145
    >Put "Comments on San Rafael Route Designation Plan" on the letter.
    >Fax one copy to Director Wisely at: 801-539-4013
    >Fax one copy to the Price Field Office at: 435-636-3657

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