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    i am replacing my 3 inch body lift with a 1 inch body lift on my 88 Blazer. i am going to cut my existing pucks to 1 inch and go buy new hardware. now all my old hardware is all rusted and everything so what I need to know is, what size bolts will i need for all the body mount locations? i would like to use stainless, but it might get pricey. definately gonna use grade 8, but i am gonna use stainless if I can find it. if not, i will cope. but i need to know how long, how thick, everything about what i will need. washers, bolts, nuts, everything. I have new poly body mounts, but since i already have a 3 inch body lift i am gonna cut to 1inch, i dont want to waste money on a whole new kit, just the hardware. thanks.

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