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    im trying to keep my tires from rubbing so i wanted to put on a body lift and they told me they dont make one for an 85 fullsize 4x4 jimmy with a 6.2 im thinking that because it is a diesel there are some extra things i would have to move and the normal body lift would work any help would be appreciated
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    Me, me ,me !![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    I have a diesel, and I'v also heard what your saying "No bodylift for diesels" But it's all a dirty lie, Get one, and see the pic's on my page under bodylift. It takes a minut to load so go get a cold refreshment while the pic's load.

    I'v had mine for over a year and my temprature did not change after the lift. The only thing I noticed was that the engine get's dirtier faster. But that goes for both gas and diesel engines.

    Also if you have the box-type filter on the passanger side firewall you'l have to lenghten the hoses from the fuel-tank.

    Anything else, just ask.

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