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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BoondocK5, Dec 29, 2006.

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    are gonne end up in a clocktower, sighting in the ole' HK !

    I get to work yesteday (@ Hill AFB) just before rollcall, my boss gets a call he hangs up and says "Matt, the boys upstairs want to see you." Off I go wondering WTF.
    I get to the director of Maintenance's office He looks at me and says "Matt, Personel wants to fire you for breach of contract". I of course no nothing of this. so he filled me in that I suppossedly signed a contract saying that I would obtain my Associates degree, before I got promoted and or converted to regular DOD employee, I said, I did no such thing.

    I got home last night and found my contract that stated rather ambiguiosly (sp) that I had to get a diploma or certificate of completion. Nothing about an associates degree.
    So I'm off the hook there, but if they have some kind of other info that I don't, then they will have to void my contract and in effect fire me.
    I'm about to point of some rather destructive civil disobedience! :mad:
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    i'll tell you when i'm ready Matt.:laugh: :laugh: i really try to be a nice guy and let people be themselves.but i'm getting pushed in a corner.don't mistake my kindness for weakness..

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