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Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by Cricket, Jun 14, 2005.

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    Had a new windshield installed by a local mobile company called Boulder Windshield Specialists. They had the best price, now I know why.

    Guy installed my on 5-24-05, he did not replace the winshield gasket - just the glass. He said the gasket looked fine. We had a rainy weekend and the job leaks flooding my interior. I call them up complaining and the owner reschedules for 6-1-05 because they can't fix it while it's wet out. So truck continues to flood for 2 days of rain. I pull the carpet back off the floor pan to keep it from being completely ruined, water leaks down through dash by pedals.

    6-1-05 the installer comes back and this time tries to fix the leak by backfilling with sealant around the top edge of the windshield gasket. He blames the gasket for being old and saggy on top. He continues to blab about how unorganized the company is and how he's ready to quit. All week long he's had to go back & fix his co-installers bad mistakes. He blabs some more about what an idiot the company owner is et. After he gets it off his chest he leaves. So the next day we have heavy rain and the job leaks; two streams coming down both pillars this time flooding my truck again. So I call the company in a pissed off mood. Owner reschedules for 6-8 because they can't work on it while it's wet. Owner blames the truck for being old and I rip owner a new one. I tell her considering the damage I expect to have it fixed at no additional charge. She states she's been in business for 18 years and never had this kind of trouble. Truck floods again over the next 24 hours. By now I'm sharpening my axe.

    6-8-05 the installer shows up again, pulls the windshield and installs a new gasket. Says everything looks good and he can't understand why it leaked. So that very next day we get rain, lo and friggin behold the job leaks. This time the water is coming in between the gasket and glass at the lower corners flooding my floor and dash again. I'm having trouble controlling my frustration. Call up the owner and go to it, bring up the BBB and we get into it. After arguing for about 10 minutes I tell her I've had enough and I'd like my money back so I can take it to someone that knows WTF they are doing. She agrees with a stipulation that the installer return one last time to see what's happening. So the whole day it rains and my truck floods again. I'm thinking jail may be worth the joy of choking the installer.

    6-9-05 the guy shows up again and luckily it's raining. I tersely point out the problem while it is leaking into the truck. Pretty hard to deny what's in front of your own face. This guy has lied to me 3 times already but there's no escaping it now. I tell him that the final decision is on him and I recommend he call his boss and tell her to refund my payment. He says they want their windshield and gasket back. Holy carp I'm ready to kill. I tell him that considering the flood damage and my lost work hours he may want to rethink his position. He just so happens to have a passenger that looks like it may be the owner but this person remains in the company vehicle and besides a cursory glance keeps their head down. Installer says he'll call his boss and talk it over, I let him know a courtroom is my next stop. Installer leaves and 45 minutes later I get a phone message stating all money will be refunded.

    So to continue the saga. 6-13-05 I take the truck into a highly recommended full service glass shop; Elite Auto Glass of Longmont. They do the work in shop, very professional set-up. I explained on the phone what had happened and they brought me right in at 10am. The Head honcho Chris and his second Matt take a look at the windshield and immediately notice there is no sealer apparent. I make an appointment for 4pm that same day so they can pull the lockstrip and have a closer look. So back I go, they get the truck in 30 minutes early and go to work. After a few minutes Chris comes into the waiting room and invites me back into the shop. He shows me the windshield and points out the BWS installer did not use any sealant at all, he just stuck the windshield into the gasket and left it. Thus the leak. Chris' words, "If this installation had been done by one of my employees I would fire his ass on the spot. This type of installation is not even legal. If you roll the glass pops right out and bad things happen. Whoever did this work should not even be in business".

    So Chris keeps the truck in the shop, takes his time and gets the job done right. He replaces the lockstrip and seals the glass properly. When the work is complete he brings me back for an inspection, points out his work, and makes recommendations for the next 24 hours. So from the time I walk in - 1 hour later I walk out with a 35.00 bill, correct installation and a free can of aerosol windshield cleaner.

    It didn't help that all the flooding BS occured while we were working a 18 hour a day contract.

    So in conclusion IMO:

    Boulder Windshield Specialist = Hacks
    Elite Auto Glass = Professional

    If your in the Boulder area (Nick) you had better be careful about who installs your glass. IMO avoid the BWS like the plague.
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    If you haven't yet, I'd recommend copying this onto Colorado4x4 as well. Might apply better to those guys/gals over there.

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