Bowtie OD's

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Hossbaby50, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Bowtie OD\'s

    I would like to hear personal experience with the 700R4's from Bowtie OD. I had narrowed my choices to GM and Bowtie OD and GM told me today that they discontinued the 700R4 for my year and if I put in a newer transmission the warranty is void so the are out. I am also looking into Shift Master's in Colorado, but that is another story.

    I would like to hear feedback on the transmission performance, shifting, etc. I would also like to know what stage you got and how the customer service was. Any problems with the trans. How long have you had it, how many miles on the trans, what amount of motor/power, etc. Thanks


    P.S. I have searched and read all the previous posts, but I am looking for the most up to date info and longevity reports. Thanks
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    Re: Bowtie OD\'s

    Well, I purchased a Bowtie OD Stage 3 about two months ago. Swapping it out was no problem, but I have had a problem with leaks, mainly of my own creation. Those leaks in addition to some parts screw-ups have kept me from being able to activate my warranty and therefore haven't been able to drive it.

    I pulled the pan this weekend and put a new TV cable seal in last night. Cured almost all my leaks, but I do still have a small pan leak and it is driving me crazy.

    They require a lot from the customer to validate the warranty, not a big deal just lots of details to make sure it is installed properly. Doesn't hurt my feelings, I don't want to spend all this money and time just to end up roasting the tranny in a few months time. Then have to go through all the trouble to pull it and replace it with another.

    That's the best I can give you right now. I'm going to call in my tranny pressures this morning when they open and hope they are good enough to activate the warranty so I can finally take my truck on a test drive. I'll keep you updated on my take of the tranny, in the meantime try PM'ing Shagnaz (Mike B.). He gave me lots of info that helped me decide to buy the BTO in the first place.

    Hope this helps,


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