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    I'm in the process of putting my disk brake equipped rear end under the blazer and found myself looking at a few issues surrounding brakelines. My wheeling is mainly confined to mud/sand and maybe a trail or two. Rocks, while fun for some, don't appeal to me as of yet :)

    1) Are there any downsides to the braided brake lines? Are there other options besides braided lines that offer the same performance? Other than local race shops, which I'm planning on looking into, has anyone found a cheap source for these lines?

    2) I've seen a few different brakeline setups as far as the length of the brakeline and how to deal with the excess brakeline when on flat ground. From what I've seen some people let it hang while others use a coiled hose that spirals so that when the suspension droops the line straightens. I've also seen a the extra line held near the frame with a loose spring. When the suspension droops the brake line pulls and extends the spring. The spring then pulls the line back to its normal resting position. Any input on which of these methods is prefferable? Any alternate ideas?

    3) The final question relates to routing the brakelines. Most setups I've seen use a single line from the frame to the diff that hangs down over the pumpkin. The lines then split off from the top of the pumpkin along the axle tubes to the calipers. The only issue I could see to this setup would be that the brakeline is then left out in the open where it may get tugged on by various debris. To counter this I was thinking about running two lines from the frame height down the spring hanger and along the top of the spring to the u-bolt plate. It could be then routed behind the spring to the caliper or just taken straight off the top of the spring plate. I would then fasten the line to the springpack so that it could extend/contract but would not rise more than an inch or maybe two off the spring. In this way I could protect the line. The way I've imagined this there would be one line above each spring pack, although I suppose it would be possible to do this with just one line over one spring pack. Any thoughts on this idea or suggestions for implementation are appreciated as well is input on any of the other ideas/questions.

    Additionally I have looked into the lines offered by superlift and procomp and unfortunately they aren't long enough for my application. Right now I've got about 16-17 inches of suspension lift and may add another inch or two to that as well as possibly a revolver style shackle but that remains to be seen.


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    Checkout Speedway Motors. I bought alot of mine from them. They sell any length and are reasonably priced.

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