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Discussion in '1982-Present GM Diesel' started by cegusman, Jul 8, 2001.

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    About a month ago I did my brakes all the way around (calipers,pads,wheel cylinders, and shoes. Well on the forth July I went wheeling and my rear brakes started grinding, after closer inspection I found out I must have been driving that whole month with them locked up. Today I replaced my shoes and wheel cylinders again. When I go to bleed the I am getting veyr little pressure (The fluid only shots out about 2 inchs or less) and is not consistant every time. If i take the wheel cylinders off the and step on the brakes the fluid shoots out of the lines about 6 foot. I have tried gravity bleeding them.

    1. open both bleeders.
    2. take top of M/c
    3. Keep a close eye on the M/C and make sure it has fluid at all times.
    4. let drain for a while getting about 2-3 M/c full of fluid through the lines.
    5. Close the bleeders.
    6. reinstall the mc/ lid.

    but have still no strong pressure with wheel cylinders on. The pedel is spungy the whole time and goes all the way to the floor. I checked my fronth calipers and the spay like old faithful so the front are fine.
    What should I try next?

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