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    Sorry guys I've been searching but can't seem to come up with a answer. I'm in the process of changing my brakes on my 14 bolt. Got the wheel of and not sure what to do next. I've done brakes on 1/2 tons before. Don't laugh! And is it hard to put in new wheel studs? I really want to do this myself and not pay the average $60 per hour labor fee. And input would be helpful. Thanks
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    It isn't too much tougher than the 1/2t variety. You have to take out the 8 bolts that hold the axle to the hub, remove the axle shaft, use a 6 pin spindle socket to remove the spindle nuts, then you pull the whole hub/drum assembly off the spindle. Then it is just like a 1/2t. The hard part is if your haven't touched them in a while and the shoes have ground a groove into the drum. Good Luck /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif
    I bet if you search a little more you'll find a ton of stuff. Tr search for wheel bearings and 14B since the basic process is the same.
    You can also check out for repair guides with pics.
    It is pretty hard to get the stud all the way in w/o a press on the 14B -- at least harder than a D44. I bet you could get someone to press it in for a couple of bucks if you take them the hub and stud.

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