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Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 70jimmy, Aug 20, 2000.

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    Had a bad thing happen today. Going down the road at about 45 and topped a hill only to see an obstruction that took up the whole road. Hit the brakes and began to skid, felt the back end try to come around, Let off the brakes straightened out and hit brakes again. Skidded again and back end came around. Spun 3/4 of a time and went up on 2 wheels and then fell back to wheels. I would like to say it was driving expertise but that would be stretching it. My concern is system wouldnt do hard braking without the back end locking up which always causes a spin.

    Jimmy has 4 wheel drums and all new stock system. I am preparing for 4 wheel disk and it just got more important. You might want to test some of your rigs in a safe place so if you ever have to do an emergency stop you will know what your rig will handle like.

    Worst thing is the obstruction was a flock of 30 large geese. They are pets.
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    as opposed to Wrecking my K5.....hummmmmmm fresh goose tonight for dinner........and more in the freezer.....agreed I know theres a bunch of us who go off-roading and return and don't check the little things <font color=red>LIKE BRAKES</font color=red> each time we return.....when it rains here and mud is a issue I see all kinds of tire marks, mud lines etc, leaving the area I go to.... indicating just that..... guys leave and first time they have to hit the brakes and they're all over the place!! Glad you were okay, and the K5 and yes even the GEESE!!!![​IMG]

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