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    November 24, 2000

    (sent via FAX and US MAIL)
    John M. Fahey, Jr.
    President and CEO
    National Geographic Society
    P. O. Box 98198
    Washington, DC 20090-8198
    FAX 202.828.5460

    Re: National Geographic's Hit Piece on OHV Recreation in California

    Dear Mr. Fahey:

    It is with a heavy heart that I write to the National Geographic Society (NGS)
    because of an apparent documentary that journalist, Steve Best, is currently
    filming in portions of California. Because of my past communications with
    Best and from what I am hearing in the field, it sadly appears that NGS is
    funding an adventure that is based solely, or in part, on lies and innuendo
    put forth by anti-off-highway vehicle (OHV) and green activist, Karen

    In early October of this year, I was contacted by Mr. Best to potentially
    represent OHV recreation's point of view regarding a November project that he
    was contracted to do by NGS. We had exchanged several emails and I was under
    the impression that he was going to contact me or another OHV representative
    when he arrived in California.

    According to a representative of the American Motorcyclist Association
    (District 36), a NGS film crew gave Ms. Schambach an award on November 20 for
    her work to shut down OHV recreation on Forest Service System Lands. This
    award was apparently presented to Schambach for her co-authorship of the
    largely non-factual and highly inflammatory, OHVS - IN THE MONEY AND OUT OF

    This booklet not only misrepresented the truth, but grossly impugned many
    highly dedicated staff of the California Department of Recreation, trail
    volunteers, employees of the USDA Forest Service and Bureau of Land
    Management, and representatives of the OHV community.

    As a member of Tread Lightly's collaborative outreach program and as a speaker
    at the recent Outdoor Writer Association of America's Annual Convention, I am
    offended by what appears to be a purposeful decision on NGS's behalf to fund a
    biased project. If I am right, you jeopardize your "undisputed reputation
    for fairness and accuracy."

    Your journalist did not invite any representative from the OHV community or
    the Forest Service to legitimately participate in filming done on November
    20-21 at the Georgetown and Foresthill OHV areas. It also appears that the
    crew is now filming OHV use in the Imperial Sand Dunes during the Thanksgiving
    Holiday using this same sub-standard.

    Before I contact your sponsors and issue a news release to the general media
    that will announce the Blue Ribbon Coalition's strong objection to this NGS
    sponsored project, I will give you a chance to respond. I eagerly await to
    hear from you by November 27, 2000. I have already sent emails to NGS on
    November 21 about this subject but have yet to receive a response.

    Thanks for your time on this all too important matter.


    Don Amador
    Western Representative
    Blue Ribbon Coalition, Inc.
    555 Honey Lane
    Oakley, CA 94561
    (925) 625-6287

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    there was no response,,, yet.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    Any response yet and when is this supposed to air. May have to cancel my National Geographic subscription.

    So, which one of you is the brains of the operation?
    To tell you the truth it's not exactly a "brains" type operation.

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