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    Feb 19, 2000
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    Gainesville, Florida
    well i finally broke in money pit, shes got her first dent.
    a recent rain flooded a favorite backwoods playground; a future strip mall. plenty of goo to play in but i wanted more,(florida is flat) so off the the trail over a tree or two and i hit a 4ft near vertical dirt ledge, up and clunk. the gas sloshed in the carb and stalled, power brakes! back down into a 2" sappling. thought the bumper caught it but the truck was at such an angle the top of the tailgate got it instead. got up and over then checked for damage,...another pro for fuel injection.
    no camera on this trip, impulse decision.
    im kinda happy about my first scar, small yet defining. now i wont be such a p*#@y when someone calls me to go wheelin'.

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