Break Job turned into suspension job .....

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    Well, last Saturday I decided it was time to do a break job considering they have been squeeking for a while and Sunday was our run to the Slab.

    So, I go to Autozone to get pads and shoes. I drive to my Bro's house, we jack it up, and pull the tires off. To my surprise, the right rear shock was only connected at the bottom! The top bolt/mount was completely missing!
    The shock was still in good shape, so I decided to make my own mount. I just bought the appropriate size bolt, washers, nuts, and a replacement bushing. This seemed to work fine and all was well .... until ...... I get to the front right

    My front suspension is setup with dual shocks at each tire. The bottom of the shocks line up with a single bolt going thru both of them.

    Well, the nut had fallen off the bolt and one shock was completely off the bolt. Also, the bolt was bent at aprox a 70' angle! I was like "No Way!"
    So, 40mins of hammering and swearing got the bolt straight enough to bang out. Back to the hardware store we go for another Bolt, washers, and nuts. I tried to get a bushing, but the parts store was out. So at the hardware store, I got 2 different size hoses. The bigger one fit tightly into the shock, and the smaller one fit tightly into the bigger one. This made an excellent bushing!

    Then, to top it all off, when I did the left rear, the top nut of the shock mount was loose all the way out to the end of the bolt! I tightned it and all is well.

    Yesterday, we did some pretty hard wheelin' and I'm happy to report that all my shock mounts are still in place! ..... and in one piece to boot [​IMG]

    Just thought I'd share ..... from now on, I'll be checking my shock mount bolts pretty frequently!


    Oh, and yea, it rides .... Ohhh-Sooo-Much smoother with all the shocks hooked up [​IMG]

    -- '84 K5 Blazer --

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