Bridgestone/Firestone Boycott?

Discussion in 'Land Use' started by Javier Gras, Jun 8, 2000.

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    What do you all think about this boycott against Firestone/Bridgestone? (e-mail with reason follows)

    It has been going around a few 4x4 lists (TX4X4 and Jeep-L, that I know of) for about a week.

    It does clearly show that Firestone/Bridgestone does not care about its customers, only about selling its products. Its a bit of a hypocrasy selling a product and then showing by your actions that you do not wish it to be used properly.
    They sell off-highway tires and then go and disallow the use of off-highway vehicles on existing trails.
    I would bet that they get some type of credit on this land grant so that they can polute a bit more in their plants.

    Has anyone heard anything more about it?

    Take care

    Javier Gras

    >Subject: [JEEP-L] Boycotts begin

    >Let the boycotts en masse begin with Bridgestone/Firestone, here's the
    >address and the reason:
    Public Affairs Department Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.
    50 Century Blvd.
    Nashville, Tennessee 37214
    (615) 872-1416 Fax (615) 872-1414

    Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 17:14:20 -0400
    From: David Borum <>
    Subject: Bridgestone/Firestone Scott's Gulf -Reply

    Looks like we are going to definately be left out of the ew Scott's
    Gulf/Virgin Falls area in Tennessee because Bridgestone/Firestone deeded the
    sell on the condition to exclude motorized vehicles from the area even
    through the roads are there and have been, as acknowledged by the TWRA, for
    years for our sport. You'd think a company that sells to Motorized people
    would want them included. We will now be starting a boycott on
    Bridgestone/Firestone not buy them and call or write
    Bridgestone and tell them why you will not buy their stuff and won't until
    they change the Scott's Gulf Deed to include motorized access. The State or
    TWRA has no control over this issue.......the only people that can change
    is the Bridgestone/Firestone Company.
    Here's the address,fax, and e-mail

    Public Affairs Department Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc.

    50 Century Blvd.
    Nashville, Tennessee 37214

    (615) 872-1416 Fax (615) 872-1414

    Please pass this on to your lists.

    Return-Path: <>
    Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 15:33:44 -0500
    From: "Clarence Coffey (Brenda Reed)" <>
    To: <>
    Cc: <>
    Subject: Bridgestone/Firestone Scott's Gulf -Reply
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    Dear Mr. Borum,

    Thank you for your interest in the Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial
    Wilderness Area. This gift to the state represents a corporate
    ethic unsurpassed in recent history.

    The Centennial Wilderness will be managed along the guidelines agreed upon
    by the Bridgestone/Firestone Corporation, the Tennessee Department of
    Environment and Conservation, and the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.
    In a nutshell, the agreements allow the TWRA to manage the upland farm area
    for wildlife and to manipulate the habitat to bring out its full potential.
    The gorge will be managed more like a natural area for low impact outdoor
    recreation. The area will be managed to accommodate hunting, fishing,
    hiking, floating, and other low impact uses. There will be some access into
    the gorge along a road designated for travel by motorized vehicles to
    specific parking sites.

    I am aware of some historic uses in the area. However, during the past
    years or more, the Scott's Gulf area has been closed to all users.

    The TWRA does plan to allow the public to enjoy the wilderness within the
    guidelines set out in the Management Plan and other agreements. Those
    and agreements were written to protect the wilderness for outdoors
    enthusiasts today and in the future.

    If the TWRA can be of further help, please feel free to call or write us.

    Clarence Coffey
    Region 3 Manager
    464 Industrial Blvd.
    Crossville, TN 38555

    > David Borum <> 04/19/00 08:24am >>>
    I understand that Bridgestone/Firestone has now donated all of
    Scott's Gulf
    (Virgin Falls area) located near Crossville/Sparta TN to the state of TN
    the managing agency will be the TWRA (Tennessee Wildlife Agency). I am
    asking you to please ensure that access is not infringed from the area and
    the the state should ensure that ALL the existing roads and trails MUST
    remain open for access including the roads in the gorge for motorized
    recreation. My mother is in her late 60's and every year I take her to
    Virgin Falls area to see the falls. We use the road that goes by the
    Cemetary to Virgin Falls from the Fall Creek Falls, TN side of the gulf
    we would like to be able to go in again from the DeRossett, TN side where
    the road goes down to the river and crosses it following the gorge,
    eventually going to the falls and then out through Sparta. That is an
    excellent ride with scenery she and others can never see again if this
    cannot stay open. If this transaction closes the access road she will no
    longer be able to visit the falls where now we can park at the bottom and
    she only has around a 200 yard hike. This area has a history of motorized
    recreation and must remain open. But these roads need to stay the way they
    presently exist which is two-track primitive. We do not need to pave or
    gravel or grade them with a dozer and volunteers can do any maintainence
    them that needs to be done, so this will not be a financial burden to the
    managing agency. As a matter of fact, a pay area of around 5 dollars a
    would be fair for use of the existing roads and trails for motorized
    recreation in the area. The Tennessee Recreational Plan states that
    Motorized Recreation is a "High priority" and this land should be treated
    with an OPEN to all policy on all existing roads and trails. Please pass
    this on to anyone responsible for the planning of the area and publlic
    comment. I look foward to your reply and working together on this in the

    >Thank you,
    >David Borum
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    I say boycott them. They must be getting some benefit from doing this otherwise they probably wouldn't be doing it. I have never and never will buy Firestone tires, go to a Firestone service center, or have anything to do with Firestone. For one thing, I have driven two different cars with Firestone tires on them and had two blow outs! I went with my sister to a Firestone center to pick up her car. I checked out what they were supposed to do and over one-half of the things we paid them to do wasn't even done! Piss on 'em!!

    Chevy's RULE!

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