Bubba Ray's horoscope for 7-8

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Jul 8, 2002.

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    Bubba Ray\'s horoscope for 7-8

    So I'm sittin there a readin the local rag and I gets to readin my horoscope. The horoscope says I need to make a personal phone call, so what do I do, I called myself.

    Bubba Ray: Hey, what up y'all?
    Bubba Ray: Hey Bubba Ray!!! Long time since we've talked. What up y'all?
    Bubba Ray: Not a whole lot Bubba Ray. My horoscope told me to make a personal phone call.
    Bubba Ray: So talk to me Bubba Ray, how's it been hangin?
    Bubba Ray: Fair to middlin. Been hotter than a witch's tit in a brass bra on a Texas Sunday 'round here.
    Bubba Ray: Well I'll be dipped. It's been the same way 'round here. And they say it's a dry heat.
    Bubba Ray: Yeah, I know Bubba Ray. Just the other day, I watched ole Gladys from Space 121 do one of them spontaneous combustion things they talk about on that there Discovery Channel.
    Bubba Ray: Yeah, I hear ya. Good part is the honies have it going on, I mean off.
    Bubba Ray: Yeah, ain't no blue balls 'round here.
    Bubba Ray: Say Bubba Ray, you know ole Jack Bob Brown down the round?
    Bubba Ray: Yeah, what's going on with him?
    Bubba Ray: Well my sister left him again. She ran off with that traveling salesman selling Amway again.
    Bubba Ray: That's sad. You're sister's cuter than a newborn bluetick hound.
    Bubba Ray: Yeah, I know, but she was always talkin 'bout how her man wasn't showing her enough care or some crap. I got tired of listening to her ever since Raylene Blatt fired her at that hairplace.
    Bubba Ray: Well Bubba Ray, I've got to run. I've got to go plunge the stool again.
    Bubba Ray: All righty, you keep the rubber side up buddy.
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    Re: Bubba Ray\'s horoscope for 7-8

    I done told you to stop talking to yourself..now these people will think both of you will be crazy...LOL
    BTW my other personality says hey bubba ray what's up...

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