Bubba Ray's rant on WOMEN drivers!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Bubba Ray Boudreaux, Sep 2, 2002.

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    Bubba Ray\'s rant on WOMEN drivers!!!!

    Ole Bubba Ray's been holding this one for a couple 14 hours, but it's time, but I said it's time to let loose the volley.

    Women, when you enter a parking area and scan an open parking stall, it's just that, a parking stall. It will still be there in 5 seconds. There is no need to "lock-on" and develop that dreaded tunnel vision. Furthermore, that nice man in uniform is not there to look good, no matter how well he does it. When that nice man in uniform says WOOOO once, that means to disengage your foot from the go pedal and using Pascal's law, apply a steady pressure to the stop pedal to bring the conveyance you have chosen to a precise and quick stop. What ole Bubba Ray is trying to get across to y'all is WAKE THE HECK up and pay attention to your surroundings!!!!!!!!

    And one more point that I would like to bring up women. You DO NOT make a left hand turn into an open parking stall from the right hand lane, especially when there's a big, black K5 in the way. Notice how all of this comes back to parking. I hope you learned your lesson when the taco truck horn of doom sounded and you would of left your seat from the scare if not properly restrained by your seat restraint.
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    Re: Bubba Ray\'s rant on WOMEN drivers!!!!

    hahahahahahaha too funny man. yeah my mom is the same way. shes crazy when it comes to driving. specially parking. she don't look just at like i swear it hasta be 10 mph. freakin crazy. the only time in my life i'm scared for my life is driving with my mom. lol. later


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